Hello! Here we have a section which every chessplayer want to have, and is logically the puzzles section.

Puzzles are technically divided into 3 levels as easy, medium and hard. Perhaps an easy puzzle should be in the medium section or just the contrrari, if you think some puzzles are not correctly ranked please tell us!.

In these puzzles you have to look always for the best move which is like in real games happen, nobody in a position tells you that you have a mate in 3 or you can get some decisive advantage, even there are some of them which if the player to move has no advantage, the puzzle could be solved as a try to draw, which could be quite logical.

Becoming member you’ll see more of them.

Here are the sample puzzles! Good luck!

White plays and win (Easy)

White plays and win (Medium)

White plays and win (Hard)

Have you done all of them correctly? Congratulations! If you didn’t nothing happens they’re simple puzzles.


See you soon!